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About Spill

Spill is a Slack & MS Teams integration that employees use to book video therapy sessions

We make a Slack & MS Teams integration that companies pay a monthly subscription for, which takes the pulse of how the team is feeling, spots anyone who’s not feeling great and prompts them to access mental health support — whether that’s booking a video therapy session, messaging a therapist, or accessing relevant tools and content. Spill is designed to be everything that the NHS, private health insurance and employee assistance programmes aren’t: super easy to access, actually used by lots of people, and 100% stigma-free.

Spill is funded by top-tier VCs Passion Capital and Seedcamp, and since launching its product in January 2020 has grown from 0 to over 500 progressive companies — including the likes of some big names like Typeform, Citymapper, Hello Fresh and Depop.


The team

A group of people on a mission to rid the world of unnecessary emotional pain

(Most of) the Spill team

(Most of) the Spill team

For different individual reasons, we’ve all seen or felt how dramatically the benefits of therapy can help people, whether struggling with depression, stuck in a rut at work, or working through any of the many (many) trials and tribulations that life throws at us. But we’re united by a common drive to make the benefits of therapy ridiculously easy for anyone to access, and to build a product that genuinely solves a problem and changes the world for the better.

We are a hybrid company with people coming into the office in teams ≥ 2 days per week.

Last, but most crucial to what we do, are our 100+ amazing Spill counsellors and therapists, who make up the rest of — and the beating heart of — the Spill team. All of them are given share options in the company because they play such an important role.